Where to Hang a Bat House in Ontario

Where to Hang a Bat House in Ontario

A bat house is a great way to accommodate bats and to contribute to a safer space where bats can roost in peace. There are several types of bat houses on the market ranging in different prices. When you purchased your bat house you might be wondering where to hang a bat house. The placement is very different than that of a birdhouse.

If you are dealing with bats and want to have them removed contact the bat removal specialists at Bat Control for service near you!

Some bats in Ontario are designated as endangered species, so placement is very important if you want to ensure their safety. Bat houses can be mounted and secured in different places such as steel poles, pivot poles, wooden posts, or on the sides of buildings. It’s very important to remember that they should be mounted at least 3 meters from the ground. Bat houses should not be mounted on trees for several reasons:

Bats need adequate sunlight several hours a day. If you mount the bat houses in threes chances are that sunlight will get blocked. 

Bats are very sensitive creatures and very vulnerable to outside interference. Trees are bustling with all sorts of life and in between, they can be a few predators that have their eyes on bats!

Lastly, the other reason why bat houses need to be mounted on anything, but trees is because they will obstruct the flight path. 

These bat houses must get at least 6-8 hours of sunlight a day. Buildings can be very good places to mount a bat house. Make sure that these bat houses are installed in dry and cool climates. Installing bat houses under eves is also a great option to make sure the bats stay sheltered. 

Make sure that no tall trees are blocking the flight path in the surrounding area. The best spots to mount a bat house to are close to lakes, rivers, and forests. Bats thrive in these areas because it is their natural habitat.

Bats are a protected species in the province of Ontario. Some bat species are classified as endangered species such as The Little Brown Bat, Tri-Colored Bat, Eastern small-footed Myotis, and The Northern long-eared Myotis. Hunting, killing, or trapping, in general, is not allowed for bats. If you are dealing with bats in your house or on your property, make sure to contact a bat removal specialist to have bats safely and ethically removed. At Bat Control we adhere to provincial and company guidelines and will go above and beyond to ensure we abide by them at all times. 

All of our technicians at Bat Control are registered, licensed, and trained to deal with all kinds of bat species. We have a team of dedicated bat removal specialists that are ready to remove bats whenever possible. This is because bats by law can only be removed during specific times of the year. To ask for more information call Bat Control at 647-931-6459.