do little brown bats carry rabies         

Do Little Brown Bats Carry Rabies         

Yes, Little Brown Bats do carry rabies but that does not mean that all bats carry rabies necessarily. Bats have increasingly moved to urban areas so the fear is real. The issue here is that it is impossible to know whether you are dealing with a bat that has rabies without getting samples tested and this can scare a lot of people as it should because precautions should be taken

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. Bats can only transfer rabies when infected with the rabies virus and directly transfer it into the bloodstream by biting the victim. Bat bites are very rare, but they can occur especially when the bat is confused or is in a space that it is not familiar with. Bat bites are hard to spot and not at all like they are in the movies. Bat bites are often compared to pinpricks and cannot e felt at all in most cases. This is what concerns a lot of people who might have bats inside their houses. This can even develop into histoplasmosis, a disease characterized by inhaling bat poop or bird poop spores.

Bat Bites

If you are unsure of bats inside your house or think that you have been bitten by a bat, make sure to contact a medical professional first to make sure that you do not have rabies. The medical professional will be carefully inspected for any contact with bats and will look for traces like saliva. It is not recommended, but if you can capture the bat, the bat can be brought to the lab for testing and professionals can then determine whether the bat has been infected with rabies.

Bats indoors

If you do have a bat indoors and want it to go away. Make sure to open up a window and lock any doors and wait until the bat goes away. Do not come in contact with the bat as to void any saliva in the eyes, mouth, open wounds etc. If you do think that you have been in contact with a bat, the n thoroughly wash you hands and face with soap.

How to prevent bats in general from entering the home

Bats are very resourceful animals and might take advantage of every kind of gap, hole, or crevice that gives entry to the interior of the house. In most cases, bats will take advantage of these entry points to get to the attic. If you are unsure whether you have bats or not, pay attention to noises at odd times, screeching, flapping, or scuffling of any kind. Bats often come back home at night, since they are active in the night!

Bats are nocturnal creatures which means that they are active at night and inactive during the day. You might see a bat flying out of your own property or coming back. While it might be a fantastic sight to witness, the damage that they do inside your property is far from amazing and can even account for thousands of dollars in damage.