Are Bats Taking Over Your Space?

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Bat Control Pickering is known in the city and around for delivering exceptional services at an all-time affordable price. We value quality over quantity and want our work to last long after we finish our job. Our technicians have been in the bat removal field for several years now and bring all the knowledge and experience with them to your doorstep. We operate as a team, a crew, and a family that strives to do the best we can to help the communities we are a part of. All of our bat removal specialists are licensed as well as insured to protect you and them from any unexpected situations that might come up during a job. We have disposed of industry- standard tools and equipment of a high caliber so that our technicians can do their work without being held back. At Bat Control Pickering, we treat the animal with dignity during and after the process by making sure that no animal gets harmed or injured. You can count on like how the ever-growing list of customers we have had the pleasure of serving in the decade that we have been active in the city. Call us now for a free consultation and to book an appointment with Bat Control Pickering.

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There are some spaces that bats favor over the other and one of these spaces happens to be isolated from the rest of the house, namely the attic. The reason why the attic remains such a perfect spot for bats is that they need two basic requirements. Shelter and seclusion. This is because bats are classified as nocturnal animals who are active at night but inactive by day. The shelter seems to be the perfect combination of the two considering that the attic is rarely visited. The relative stable temperatures during extreme heat or cold make it a perfect shelter away from predators to rear their young.

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Bats can also choose unconventional spots to remain tucked away from humans. In most
cases, however, this is not intentional. Younger bats, who can’t fly often find themselves stuck in
between the narrow openings. To free them, specialists are needed
with protective gear as they might or attack.

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Every outward-facing point can be exploited by bats and other wildlife animals such as raccoons and squirrels, and this also applies to ventilation pipes and vents placed on the side of the walls and other roofs. Professionals know what bats are capable of and can advise homeowners what to do against these areas.

Low Profile Exclusion Work for Bats

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All of our technicians are licensed insured professionals which means that you get a high quality service at at a low price coupled with a guaranteed warranty that will cover you under all kinds of circumstances long after we are gone. Our work is a reflection of ourselves here at Bat Control Markham and we will do anything to uphold that image by going above and beyond. Take a look at how we do things over here!

Professional Bat Removal Service


To understand the situation that our customers are in, we conduct an exterior inspection as well as an interior inspection when needed. This allows us to determine the exact location of the entry points that the bats use to get inside the property and effectively seal it. In most cases, bats will use one entry point to enter and exit the property. The technician will also make notes of additional weak points and will relay this information to the homeowner.

The Bat Cone

The technician will seal all the other entry points located during the initial inspection. After the main entry point is located, the technician will mount a cone-like device angled at a downward angle. Once the bat passes through the cone, it makes it impossible for the bat to re-enter due to the hard plastic material. The bat will then leave the area for good.


After it is determined that the bats vacated the property, the technicians will begin with the last step in the process, the exclusion. The bat cone will be removed and the entry point will be sealed with flashing made out of enforced aluminum plates. This prevents other wildlife animals such as raccoons or squirrels from coming in and taking advantage of the weak spot.

Big Brown Bat

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The Big Brown Bat is a protected species in Ontario. They can be recognized by their golden- brown fur, black wings, their short snout, and their pointy long ears. They grow up to about 13cm in length. They eat a steady diet of mostly insects like mealworms, cockroaches, beetles, and flies. The Big Brown Bat is a nocturnal creature meaning that it is inactive during the day and active during the night. One of the signs during nighttime can be rustles, screeches, and thumps indicating that they are active. The bats are often found in colonies and generally pose no threat. They hibernate during the colder months in the winter and give birth around spring. It is important to note that they cannot be removed from homes during specific times of the month. Call our customer service for more information.

Small Brown Bat

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Just like its other counterpart, the Small Brown Bat is also a protected bat species in Ontario thus has certain limitations as to how and when to remove it. The Small Brown Bat can be recognized by its short snout golden, brown-reddish fur, black wings, and pointy long ears just like the Big Brown Bat. Although very similar in appearance, the Small Brown Bat just as the name implies is smaller in size and can measure up to 9 cm in length. It is also nocturnal and survives on a diet of various insects as well.

The Problem With Bats

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Bat Odour

Bats can leave quite the smell that can spread to other parts of your property depending on how severe the infestation is. To combat this, we the technicians at Bat Control Markham will neutralize any foul oudors through a process called deodorization. It takes care of any smell left behind by the bats and clear the air in your home so you can let out a sigh of relief without being disturbed!

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Property Damage

Bats are incredibly destructive animals that can force homeowners to spend thousands of dollars on repair and restoration. In severe cases entire insolation needs to be replaced and reinstalled and floors have to be replaced again. Bat poop and urine can be incredibly corrosive which speeds up the devastating process. The earlier you can get bats removed the better for your wallet.

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Health Concerns

Bats carry several transferable diseases without ever displaying symptoms themselves. This is why bats are called vector species of disease that act more or less as a reservoir. Those who come in indirect contact or direct contact with bats can seriously fall ill. Urgent action is thus required when bats are suspected.

Bat Concerns

Bats are dangerous animals and can attack people and pets in an instant who it feels threatened or attacked. If you do hear something resembling a bat, do not come closer for inspection nor open any windows and doors to let it fly out as its behavior is highly unpredictable and may result in injury

Bat Removal FAQ

How Much Does Bat Removal Cost?

Bat removal usually costs about $300 to $400. This includes a detailed inspection of the exterior of your property as well as the installation of the one-way door. Pest-proofing starts at $30 per linear foot. Pricing varies according to the scope and difficulty of the job.

What does Your Warranty Cover?

Our warranty covers the labor and materials involved in the exclusion performed. If an animal breaches our work within the warranty period, a technician will come back and fix the problem at no additional cost. This is a comprehensive warranty.

Do You Trap Bats?

No, we do not trap bats. Harming bats is an offense as they are a protected species in Ontario. We can only take action at specific times of the year. We strongly advise against taking action yourself. Always call a bat removal specialist for safe and quick removal.


One-Way-Doors are a tunnel-like contraption that has a door that swings outwards. Once the animal passes through the door, it cannot get back in. It gets locked out and vacates the area. This is completely ethical and harmless.

When Do Bats Have Babies?

Bats usually have babies in the springtime from May to July-August. During this time, we cannot remove them. We cannot also remove them during the rainy season during the winter. Babies should never be removed without a specialist. Always consult a bat removal company for consultation.

Do You Only Provide Services for Bats?

We provide services for bats, skunks, raccoons, rats, and other wildlife in which we can use the one-way door. The technique is the same and our pest-proofing works against all wildlife. If another species is identified at the time of inspection, we can help you out.

What To Do With A Bat in The House?

When you suspect that you have a bat in the house in another room, do not open the door. If you have pets and/or children keep them at a safe distance and do not let them go near. Do not attempt to remove the bat yourself for two reasons. Bats are a protected wildlife animal in the province of Ontario and bats can be highly erratic when provoked which can lead them to attack to defend their territory. Call a bat removal the specialist at 647-931-6459 and explain the situation to the operator.

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Bats in Pickering

Most people do not know that bats are critical when it comes to the local ecosystem. This is why they are protected wildlife animals. When you do see a bat in your house, you can readily assume that you are dealing with either one of the two bat species: The Big Brown Bat and the Small Brown Bat. These two bats can be recognized by their golden- reddish fur, short snout, black wings, and long pointy ears. These two bats are harmless. The Small Brown Bat is categorized as an endangered species under Schedule 1 under the Species of Risk Act. Causing bats harm, in general, will lead to hefty fines this is why bat cases should be left to professionals who have the right tools and knowledge to deal with bats.

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