When do Bats Come Out of Hibernation in Ontario

When do Bats Come Out of Hibernation in Ontario?

Different species come out of hibernation at different times in Ontario. The problem is that most bat species have not been studied to the extent of that of a Small Brown Bat, also known as the Small Myotis. Generally, The Small Brown Bat starts its hibernation in the colder months in September and will end around the Spring season.  In the spring, however, the females will gather in the nursery colonies and will be separated from the males. The females will roost individually or will come together in groups of about twenty bats. 

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Bat young are usually born in June-July. In the summer and spring, the bats spend their daytime in their roosts and will go out at around night time to hunt for food. The bats move to the hibernacula, places where they hibernate in August, and will start to breed there. They will fly into large swats in and out of caves and mines. In the winter, the Small Brown Bat will seek out spaces will stable and cool temperatures like abandoned mines. Not all bat species hibernate and some bat species move south to spend the wintertime in Ontario over there and only spend the summers here in Ontario. 

Pest control technicians are very careful when to take action and homeowners need to understand that certain bat species are a protected species. Eight bat species are designated as Specially Protected Mammals in Ontario. These are the Big Brown Bat, Eastern Pipistrelle Bat known also as the Tricolored Myotis, Hoary Bat, Least Small-footed Bat, Little Brown Bat, Northern-Long-eared Bat, Red Bat, and the Silver-haired Bat. In addition, three species are endangered in Canada. These are the Little Brown Bat or the Small Brown Bat, The Tri-Colored Bat, and The Northern Myotis Bat. The Small Brown Bat happens to be the one that Ontarians have the most trouble with since they tend to roost in attics. 

It is for this very reason that bats cannot be removed at all times. Causing any harm or injury to bats can result in a hefty fine. These bats cannot be trapped, injured, or harmed under any circumstances. The only way to get bats out of attics is to contact professional bat removal specialists like the one from Bat Control. We have the experience, the skill, and the tools to safely and ethically remove the bat without causing it any stress. 

Bat removal is a very delicate job that needs expert intervention. Bat can only be removed at specific times when they leave their roosts regularly. The technicians at Bat Control guarantee a non-engaging method that will allow the bat to safely exit the property in just a few days. To ask for more information about our removal process in detail, feel free to contact our customer service and to call 647-931-6459 and to book an appointment.