Are Bats a Protected Species in Ontario

Are Bats a Protected Species in Ontario

Bats are a protected species as well as an endangered species through the province of Ontario. Eight bat species are designated as Specially Protected Mammals in Ontario. According to the “Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, 1997, S.O. 1997, c. 41” Specially Protected Mammals cannot be hunted, trapped, or killed. Certain bat species are even endangered in Canada. 

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This is an issue because bats are very important in maintaining the local ecosystem. Bats in general, especially in Ontario, have a liking for insects. Mosquitoes are usually the main price here. Bats also actively help with the pollination of flowers. According to the Bat Conservation Trust, more than 500 flower species rely on bats to pollinate them. Not only do they pollinate these flowers, but bats also rely on certain fruits that they pollinate to help them survive. 

Humans seem to play a disturbing important role in the decline of bats. One of the main culprits is associated with the disturbance or even destroying bats and nursery colonies. Habitat loss is also a disturbing trend that is mainly attributed to deforestation. As a result the loss of habitat no longer gives bats a safe space to hibernate, breed, or give birth. Insecticides that are found in food also contribute to a major decline. Insecticides used on farms heavily affect the food web that bats rely on for their very survival. Areas that are sensitive to disturbance coupled with bats that have a relatively low birth rate make bat species like Little Brown Myotis, Keen’s Myotis, Pipistrelle, and the Small-footed Bat very vulnerable to human activities. 

Bats like the Little Brown Myotis have the habit of roosting in dark small spaces. In nature, this often translates to three hollows or caves. They can roost with up to twenty bats in a cave or individually when that option is not there. The Little Brown Myotis is one of the most common species to roost in human-made structures. They are for the most part harmless, but disturbing them during their roosting session can result in hefty fines. The bat species also happens to fall under the Species at Risk in Ontario (SARO) which adds to the seriousness. 

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