Signs of Bats in Roof

Bats are incredible animals that have captivated the minds of many people over the years. People enjoy reading stuff about vampires and bats, but are less keen on actually having them in their houses which is a real possibility! Bats, despite their reputation, have a very good effect on nature and are known as nature’s pest control as they scarf down hundreds to thousands of insects each day! Bats are especially fond of mosquitoes including our very own Brown Bats which are one of the most common bats in Ontario!

If you have bats and hear them on a higher floor, we can remove them with the help of our qualified and insured professionals. Hire the pros from Bat Control!

Bats prefer to roost in dark and confined spaces. In nature, this can be seen when they roost in spaces such as caves, rock crevices, and tree hollows. Unfortunately, due to human interference and a devastating disease called the White-Nose Syndrome, their population is dwindling rapidly. Deforestation has caused these animals to vacate urban areas and the White-Nose Syndrome has threatened their existence to the point the Little Brown Bat and the Big Brown Bat are seen as endangered bat species!

For this very reason, bats will flock to residential areas and take advantage of entry points! These entry points are all over the exterior and can include, but are not limited to gables, drip edge, soffits, fascia, and attic vents and any type of opening that they can slip through. Bats need minimal space to get into the inside of the home and they often end up in the attic. These gaps can be as small as roughly 10 mm! Spaces that bats often occupy are the:

  • Attics
  • Chimney
  • Eaves
  • Rafters

If you hear excessive noise or flapping of the wings, they can be signs of bats in the roof. These sounds combined with squealing or shrieking can be a definite indicator of bat presence. If you spot bat guano or bat droppings on the walls, then this might be another sign of bat presence. It is highly advised to let a bat specialist do the sealing since they are qualified and certified to work at heights thus making it safer for you.

If you do have the resources, putting up lights can deter bats from coming there, but this can be an expensive investment. Instead, you can hire bat control specialists that can make them go away and can also make sure that they will never come back with preventive measures.