How Many Mosquitoes do Bats Eat

How Many Mosquitoes do Bats Eat?

Despite their scary reputation, bats are pest control experts. Every night, they venture out of their dens and feast on thousands of mosquitoes and other flying insects. A single bat can eat up to 8000 insects per night. This is an excellent service to the ecosystem, given that mosquitoes are carriers of the West Nile virus. Bats help keep these pests under control, so that we don’t get bit and we don’t get sick. If you are concerned about the bats in your area, give Bat Control a call.  

Every bat species in Ontario feeds on small, flying insects like mosquitoes, dragonflies, wasps, and moths. They locate the insects by echolocation, then catch them with their wings and eat them. Bats are the only animals in the world to achieve such a difficult task. Mosquitoes are tiny, and bats are nearly blind. Remarkably, one bat can eat up to 10 mosquitoes within 60 seconds. There is no evidence of how many mosquitoes are eaten per night, but bats can eat their entire body weight’s worth of bugs in a single night. That’s a lot of mosquitoes!

Signs of a Bat Problem

If there are bats in your area, you should know the signs of an invasion. Big brown bats and little brown bats often roost in attics when their colonies expand, and when they need a new place to live. Inspect your attic every spring and use a flashlight to check between the rafters. Bats roost within small gaps and crevices. You can also look at the edges of your roof for openings and signs of guano. Guano is the term for bat feces, which appear small and black. If you suspect that there re bats on your property, call a removal company immediately for humane removal.  

How to Get Rid of Bats

Bats play an important role within the ecosystem, so it’s important that we do not harm them. In Ontario, it is illegal to harm bats. Only a licensed professional can remove them. What he or she will do is find the bat’s entry point into the attic, then attach a one-way door to it. This will let the bats out when they want to leave but block their return. The bats will then find another place to call home. To help avoid a future invasion, make sure that the edges of your roof are secure, and that you cover your chimney with an impenetrable mesh.

The professionals at Bat Control share years of experience in getting rid of bats. We provide detailed inspections to find exactly where the bats are roosting and how they got inside. We can determine when it is safe for the animals to be removed and remove them without harm. At Bat Control, we are so sure of our ability to remove the bats on your property that our services come with a warranty. Call Bat Control today for guaranteed bat removal.