Interesting Facts About Brown Bats

Bats are certainly very interesting creatures and they have captivated the minds of many people who have heard stories about them fairy tales or not. There are 8 bat species in Ontario, and these include the Hoary Bat, The Eastern-Red Bat, the Silver-Haired Bat, Tricolored Bats, Little Brown Myotis, the Northern Long-Eared Bat, and Eastern-Small Footed Bats.

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Bats in Ontario

These bats are a mainstay in the province of Ontario and people may be able to catch a glimpse of them when they go to their natural habitats. Many bats have interesting habitats that have been secluded from other animals. These spaces include caverns, caves, forests, rock crevices, and even abandoned mine shafts!  Bats are fascinating all around and there always more to learn about these creatures that have influenced pop culture so much to the point that we have started to romanticize vampires in certain movies.

Bat Biology

These winged mouse-like creatures are not actually related to rodents. This is what surprises a lot of people. It turns out that bats are more closely related to other mammals rather than rodents. To clarify bats are not rodents and are not even in the same order.  Bats belong to the Chiroptera order whereas mice, rats, and other rodents belong to the Rodentia order.

Number of Bat Species

There are a dizzying 1,300 bat species around the globe and are found almost everywhere except in extremely cold or hot environments. Bats have very few natural predators and in fact, their biggest one is a disease. The Little Brown Bat is threatened by a disease called White-Nose Syndrome. This disease is characterized by a fungal-like disease on the nose. This disease appeared in 2007 and has spread to other areas including Canada.

So now that you know a bit more about bats, time to learn some facts about facts that might surprise you!

Bats Eat a Lot

Bats bite into the necks of people or drink blood. There is one kind of bat that does but does not sink its teeth into mammals. Instead, they will make a small incision and will and will lap the blood from the wound. Normal bats though are insect eaters. Bats can eat different kinds of insects including mosquitoes and will eat their body weight! Talk about a well-rounded meal!

Not All Bats Hibernate

It is very well known that bears and bats hibernate along with a slew of other animals. But there are bats that simply do not hibernate. Instead, some bats will migrate hundreds of miles away to their winter hibernacula, meaning the place where bats stay and roost. It’s interesting to know that bats as well as birds do this. Bats will come back during the warmer periods and stay until it gets cold again.

Blind as a bat or maybe not

It is misunderstood that bats are blind. Bats are actually not blind and have an adequate vision. Bats do have smaller eyes. Bats are nocturnal creatures that have developed their senses instead. They locate prey based on echolocation which paints a detailed picture for them!

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