Myths About Bats in The House

There are a lot of tall tales surrounding bats that have worked their way into popular media. Bats are incredibly useful animals and might not be as bad as you might think. Bats can look menacing, but bats rarely attack unless provoked. Bats like any other animal want to be left alone and this is proven by the way they like to be left alone in their natural habitats. Bats are not blood-thirsty animals out for human blood and will certainly not transform into vampires, even though we love to believe it. So, what are these myths surrounding bats and what is the actual truth about these so-called flying rodents?

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Bats are nuisance

Bats can be a nuisance, but they do more good than bad. Bats are the natural exterminators and pest control technicians of the animal kingdom because of the copious amounts of insects they eat. This helps tremendously with making sure that insects do not eat from our crops or swarm a specific human dwelling. Most bats are carnivores that eat insects like beetles, spiders, moths, and other insects. This also gives us a lesson of not judging a book by its cover and to be grateful for them instead!

Bats are bloodsuckers

Bats are not bloodsuckers. Most bats that you will encounter are carnivores and will eat solely on insects. There is a species of bats that do consume blood and is named the Vampire Bat. Quite apt, eh? But even then, they do not sink their teeth in skin, but instead will make a shallow cut and lap the blood. Their saliva makes sure the blood does not clot.

All Bats carry rabies

While it is true that bats can carry rabies, the matter of bats is that only a small percentage of the population actually carries rabies. It was estimated that approximately 0.5% of bats are active carriers of rabies. If you do have a bat in the house, the best thing is not to take chances and to take a rabies shot just in case.

Blind as bat

People tend to believe that all bats have bat eyesight, and this is the reason why bats are reliant on echolocation. The truth is that most bats have actually adequate eyesight. They rely on smell and vision to find food. Bats do use echolocation which gives them an edge over other animals.

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