Is bat removal covered by home insurance?

No, homeowner insurance does not cover bat damage in most cases. This is because bat damage is considered preventable. This can depend on the individual policy, so make sure you contact the insurance company before acting. The reason why bat damage is not covered is that bats can take up space in residential properties knowingly. Some insurance companies will even have a separate clause that prevents paying homeowners out if the damage was found to be a rodent’s fault. The longer the bat stays, the harder it is to make a case for it.

if you have bats in your home, call experts to remove bats from your home, call Bat Control.

it cost might be covered by the policy since the window or door was not destroyed by negligence. In any case, the specifics should be discussed with the insurance company.

There are common damages associated with bats :

Insulation damage

Bats love the warmth and what better place could thereby than in an attic full of insulation to keep the bat warm and cozy? Apart from keeping the bat warm, the bat treats the whole attic as a latrine which causes urine and feces to seep into the material degrading it over time.

Health hazard

As the bat remains in the attic space for months, the attic will turn into a true cesspool teeming of harmful bacteria. Feces, urine, outside materials that are brought inside can all contribute to a more dangerous environment. The danger associated with bat break-ins is so severe that deep cleaning and decontamination are required.

Soffit and roof damage

Bats often find themselves in attics and that is just not simply by letting themselves in peacefully, but by using brute force. Big holes and busted open soffits are usually the entry points of these bats which can cost homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs and restoration.

Bat damage can greatly put financial stress on the homeowner and professional bat services such as Bat Control should be immediately consulted to remove the bat from the premises. Additional consultation with the insurance company is recommended as coverage is heavily dependent on the circumstances. Bat control specialists can use proven techniques and methods to get the bat out that comply with federal rules. The technicians conduct interior and exterior inspections to make sure they locate the entry points and then mount a Bat Cone on them. It is a humane and guaranteed way to get the bats out! To hire us, call us!