Types of bats in Ontario

Bats are an interesting animal species that conjure up all kinds of images when one thinks about bats. Most people who don’t have much experience with bats often might think that bats are blood-thirsty animals that are out there for blood, but that is far from reality. Turns out that bats are very beneficial for the local flora and fauna because of their ability to eat insects. Yes, you heard that right! Bats mostly eat insects and can range from mosquitoes to mots and this is why bats are known for their natural pest control. According to people who study bats, and cryptologists, there are eight species of bats that live in Ontario.

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These are the hoary bat, the eastern red bat, the silver-haired bat, the big brown bat, the tricolored bat, the little brown myotis bat, the northern long-eared myotis and the eastern small-footed myotis. The most common species that Ontarians come across are the little brown myotis and the big brown bat. These bats are often seen in spaces like attics which mimic their natural habitat. Bats in general are drawn to quiet, dark, and sheltered places. In nature, these places are caves, caverns, rock crevices, abandoned mine shafts, or any other place that offers bats a good and quiet place to roost.

So let’s see what makes some bats unique and special, so keep reading!

The Hoary Bat

This bat species is known to be the most widespread across North America and is present in the south as well, namely the United States. They might be as far found as Hawai’i, but even this remains disputed according to researchers. The Hoary Bat is a migratory species which means that they will move to the warmer regions when the cold hits and come back in the warmer periods. They are carnivorous which means they eat insects such as beetles, moths, grasshoppers, termites, and more!


The Easter Red Bat

This bat has a very distinctive red copper fur which makes the bat quite striking. These bats are most often seen in North-East America and also have a white patch on their shoulder area. They are known as solitary creatures that come together to mate and migrate. They often hang on tree branches during the day and live off primarily moths.

Little Brown Myotis

This bat is also known by most people as the Little Brown Myotis. These bat species have the appearance of a mouse and is very small in stature. They have been federally considered endangered since 2013. Their diet consists of moths, beetles, spiders, hoppers, and more! They can be often found roosting in attics!

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