Can You get Rabies From Bat Urine?


No, it isn’t possible that to get rabies from bat urine or guano by simply touching it. But there is a possibility of getting histoplasmosis

If bats that are infected enter your body through your eyes, mouth, or any other orifice, you might get infected with the harmful bacteria. So where does it leave rabies? To get infected with rabies, the bat, first of all, must be infected with rabies. That infected bat needs to pass on the virus through an open wound. These cases are very rare, but precaution is nevertheless advised.

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It might be a very rare occurrence since bats shy away from human presence, but there is a possibility that a bat might end up in your room and might accidentally bite you. Then again, this rarely happens, but the teeth markings of a bat are so small that people might not even feel them. People have described it to be a tooth prick marking. If you do think that you have been bitten, make your way to the nearest medical facility.

Signs and symptoms can show up in two to eight weeks, in very rare cases, even longer. It is always the safest to assume that symptoms can appear very quickly. Therefore, you must go to the hospital immediately!

Rabies can travel incredibly fast and doesn’t need much to infect you. Apart from a direct bite, even the saliva can infect you if it travels through an open wound, eyes, mouth, cut, nose, and sore. If you get exposed, you will need to get treatment immediately by calling your local medical professional. If you have been exposed to rabies, wash the wound immediately with warm water and go to the nearest hospital.

There are a few early symptoms that people need to pay attention to which include :

  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Numbness around the area where you got bitten
  • Feeling sick.

Later symptoms can include but are not limited to the following:

  • Itchiness around the wound even if the wound is completely healed.
  • Muscle spasms
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Fear of air gusts (Aerophobia)
  • Fear of water (Hydrophobia)

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