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How to Get Rid of Bats in Attic in Winter

Bats are very interesting animals that have long captured the imagination of people throughout history. They have been known as very beneficial animals because of their insect-rich diet where they consume insects in very high quantities. They are nature’s natural pest control professionals who prevent insects from overpopulating. Not only are bats very beneficial, but what they excrete is also very beneficial. It is known as bat guano which was actually used as a natural fertilizer before modern fertilizer

A surge of bat presence can be expected during the colder months and this can be an issue for residents of the property. To get bats out of the attic, call the professionals from Bat Control.

Bats are very inclined to dark, secluded, and dry areas where they won’t be disturbed. Thus as a result they will stay in caves caverns, rock crevices, mine shafts, and even storage facilities. Bats are quite picky about which places they pick and which places they do not pick because when they get disturbed, they will not be able to function normally since they conserve energy when they roost. They will roost for an average of 2 to 3 hours and they after go will look for food. Bats come into out properties through entry points. 

Bat Repellants

There is actually a market for bat repellents on the market and these either might be based on chemical compounds or natural compounds as well. Bat repellants might be as simple as containing very strong smells that bats do not like or the smell of a predator.

Keeping the lights on

It might be a little bit of common sense but keeping the lights on can do wonders in terms of keeping the bats way. Keeping the lights on your porch will make the bats think that people are present nearby. This might startle the bats. This can be a costly expense depending on how much energy your lights use and emit. It might also bother the neighbours as well so make sure to check it’s alright.

Moth Balls

Mothballs are an effective way to keep bats away from the porch. The best way to proceed with bats are to get a cheesecloth and to wrap it in such a way that it forms a sack of mothballs. After that, you can either secure them with a string to the top of the porch to keep the bats away. It’s a cheap and effective deterrent with varying results though!

Close Entry Points

The reason why bats come inside the house is that they make use of entry points. The best way to approach this is to hire professionals that can seal the gaps with a professional exterior inspection. The reason why this should be done by professionals is that the work on the roof level can be very dangerous. Professionals are able to seal these gaps with bat-proof materials that can keep them put for good. Call Bat Control at 647-931-6459