Signs of Bat Infestation

Bats are increasing their presence in our urban areas due to several factors that include disturbance, deforestation, and just simply convenience. Bats often enter by exploiting openings throughout our properties and this often takes place around the roof level. A lot of bats for this reason end up in our attics and roost there for a long period of time. Rats can leave a lot of mess behind and a lot of smells that people may not even have thought of smelling before in their own homes or businesses.

If you are dealing with bats and want to get rid of them, make sure to call the bat removal specialists from Bat Control. 

Bats are intrusive wildlife animal, but an animal that is well protected by the law due to their protected status that protects their safety and makes sure that they are not harmed when they are in their maternity season. The reason why they are endangered is due to a concerning disease which first came on the scene in 2009.

We are talking about White-Nose Syndrome. This syndrome is marked by a fungal infection on the nose and impacts the roosting bast the most. If this disease hits a colony, 90% of the colony is wiped out to even completely. So now that you know a bit more about bats, you are probably wondering what the signs are of a bat infestation. Keep on reading to see what the signs are!


Grease Marks

Bats are very oily animals, and they will make their presence clear with their grease marks. Whenever a bat squeezes through a hole, the bat will leave behind black to brown smear marks wherever it passed through. When you move close to the marl, you may already be able to smell a faint odour.

Catching Bats Mid-Flight

Bats are nocturnal animals that have the habit to prey on their targets at night. With this, they will use echolocation to track their prey down. Bats let out a high-pitch sound from their voice box and that bounces back. This allows them to paint a visual image of their environment. Bats are not blind, but they use echolocation as an effective tool during the night. People may catch them coming back after they have done their work.

Seeing Guano

Guano is another word for bat poop and this bat poop is quite fascinating due in part because it can remind people of rodent feces. Bat poop was once seen as very beneficial since it was used as a highly effective fertilizer. But beyond that, the bat poop is just but one ingredient to a toxic mix created by bats in the attic space. After a while, it can even leave a pungent smell.

If you observe these signs please do not hesitate to contact the bat control specialists from Bat Control for a complete removal!