bat infestation in attic

Bat Infestation in Attic

Bats in the attics can be one of the worst things that people can stumble on. It will reek, feel stuffy, and might even scare some people. Not to forget the damage that these bats will and can leave behind. Insulation will be beyond repair and will need to be re-installed by professionals which, depending on the company, can be a very costly expense. Therefore, it is very important to recognize the signs and call in help as soon as possible.

If you have bats in your attic and want to get rid of them, contact the professionals from Bat Control.

Bats are nocturnal creatures which means that they are active in the night and inactive during the day. You can hear screeching, rustling, and noises coming from the attic. You might even catch a glimpse of bats flying to and out of your property! Bats have the capability to enter these properties through holes and openings around the perimeter. These holes and openings can be incredibly small where bats might even fit through these holes the size of a dime. Bats can make of rotten shingles, gaps in between the eaves, and through the soffit vents at the roof intersection, and fascia board.

The most common bat species that enter the attic is known as the Little Brown Bat or known as the Little Brown Myotis. These bats are commonly seen in forests and caves. These bats roost with hundreds of bats in a single colony. These bats remain one of the closest studied bats to date in Ontario. Bats enter the attic in colder months and will start their hibernation around November to April. Bats will come back to the same space during maternity season as well.

For the Little Brown Bat, the maternity season start around June and can last to August. Bats are a protected species and need professional intervention. There are very limited windows during which bats can be removed. Bats cannot be removed during maternity season due to the sensitivity of the pups. They can be removed around August by experienced professionals who have the right tools and equipment to get them out and to make sure they won’t ever come back.

Professionals can make sure that bats won’t ever be an issue with proven and. Bat Control specializes in bat removal from residential and commercial properties. We have been helping communities far and wide to get bats out from all kinds of spaces. If you have bats, hear, or see bats, contact the professional bat specialists from Bat Control. To hire us, give us a call.