How to Get Rid of Bat in the House at Night

How to Catch a Bat in the House at Night

Bats usually fly into homes when they are hunting insects or when they get lost on their way to their colonies. In some cases, there is a colony in the attic, and the bat tumbled its way down a wall cavity or ventilation system. Whatever the case may be, it’s important that you remove the bat carefully. Bats are protected animals that suffer disease and deforestation. They also have the potential to carry the rabies virus, so you must use caution. Call Bat Control immediately if there is a bat in your home and we will help. We offer comprehensive bat removal and exclusion in the Toronto area.

First, close the room off from the rest of the house, then open the windows and doors to the outside. Then, turn off the lights and leave the room. Wait for the bat to leave. Bats are active at night, so there’s a good chance it will fly out. The more exits you can give the animal, the better. Check on the bat after an hour or two and see if it left. Check the curtains, furniture, and wall decorations – anywhere the bat could roost. If the bat is injured, it maybe laying on the floor. Be careful when looking and wear a long-sleeved shirt and pants.

If the bat is hanging somewhere, put on a thick pair of gloves, then grab a broomstick. Then, try coaxing the bat out by holding the broomstick in front of it. The bat might grab onto it, like a tree branch. Carry the bat out, on the broomstick, then bring it to a tree branch or lean the broom against a tree. Alternatively, you can try covering the bat with a container, then sliding a piece of cardboard underneath it. If you’re brave enough, you can wrap the bat in a thick towel. Always bring the bat to a tree because bats cannot fly from the ground up.

How to Bat-Proof the House

If a bat flew into your home, there is likely a colony nearby. Take some time the following day to inspect your property and do some bat-proofing so this doesn’t happen again. Add screens to your windows and seal any gaps you find on the sides of the roof. Keep in mind that bats can squeeze through gaps that are only a quarter of an inch wide. Check your soffits carefully for gaps along the sides of the wall. You can seal these with caulking or mesh. Inside the attic, look for piles of droppings and listen for squeaks.

If you suspect that bats may have entered your home, call a wildlife removal company right away. At Bat Control, our technicians get bats out humanely by using one-way doors. We can find the animal’s entry point, then install a one-way door to it so the animals can leave on their own. Once out, we remove the door and replace it with a bat-proof material. Do not trap the bats in your attic or attempt to remove them yourself. Bats are protected animals that must be removed humanely. Call Bat Control for guaranteed bat removal and exclusion.