Do Bat Droppings Look like Mouse Droppings

Do Bat Droppings Look like Mouse Droppings?

Did you know that in German, the term for bat is fledermaus, which means “flying mouse?” Many species look a lot like mice sporting a pair of wings. The bats that enter Ontario homes are similar in size, and they have droppings that are also quite similar. However, there are some key differences between the two droppings that can help you differentiate. Call Bat Control if you are worried some bats may have entered your home. We provide humane bat removal and exclusion services in the Toronto area.

Bat droppings and mouse droppings are roughly the same size. While bat droppings are somewhere between 8 and 10mm, mouse droppings are about 6mm long. Both are very dark and tapered, like black grains of rice. At first glance, they are basically the same. So, consider where you found the droppings. Bats tend to leave droppings on the exterior walls of the home near their entry points to the attic. They also leave them in piles, on the attic floor, beneath the beams from which they roost. Mice scatter their droppings everywhere and are commonly found near sources of food, like in kitchen cabinets.

Another differentiating factor between the two droppings is texture. Wearing a pair of gloves, press a dropping between your fingers. Bat droppings crumble into a fine powder because they are made entirely of insect parts. Mouse droppings, however, get hard when they dry. Mice are omnivores that feed primarily on plants, like seeds and grains. So, if you have found some droppings in the attic, look for clustered piles of feces. Grab a flashlight and listen carefully for squeaking or shuffling sounds. Look for bats hiding in the ceiling. If you can’t find any, and the droppings are scattered, you’re probably dealing with mice.

How to Get Rid of Bats

Still not sure? Contact a local wildlife removal company for an inspection. A technician can confirm which species you are dealing with and help you out. If there are bats in your attic, the technician will install a one-way door to the opening in the roof that the animals are using, which will let the animals out safely. Once out, the technician will return and replace the door with mesh. Depending on the company, you can have the technician disinfect the attic space and enclose the area completely so this doesn’t happen again.

Bats and mice are similar in some respects. They both like to find shelter in human homes when it is cold out and there is no better place nearby. The most identifiable differences between the two is their behaviour. Remember that bats roost above ground, with their colonies, and mice like to explore the whole house. If you’re worried that something is going on in your home, give us a call. We provide humane and affordable solutions to all bat problems. We can get the bats out safely, then protect your home so this never happens again. Call us for bat removal in the GTA and beyond.