How do bats get inside the house

How Do Bats Get Inside the House?

Bats can get inside the house in many multiple ways by taking advantage of all the entry points found throughout the perimeter of the house. A lot of people are not aware of the tiny space bats will need to even get into a place. The size of a tennis ball and even smaller is enough for the bat to squeeze through. Because of this, any people overlook areas where bats can just slip through.

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The main issue is that a lot of people just do not spend time around the roof area, an area where a lot of bats come through before they find their way into the attic. People are under the impression that bats are very dangerous animals. Even though they are dangerous, they do not pose a specific threat to humans, but it is the other way around.

The bat species most commonly found in Ontario, namely the Small Brown Bat is on the endangered species list and enjoys a special privilege to be protected by the government. Deforestation and rapid urbanization are partially to blame for this. A devastating fungal infection is also the cause named the White Nose syndrome. It is a fungus that develops around the nose of the bats and will cause the bat to perish. This makes the bat extremely sensitive to its environment.

So how do bats and where do bats get inside. As earlier mentioned before, ats will take advantage of the entry points found around the upper floors of the perimeter. These can include and are not limited to:

  • Open windows and even open garage doors. This is very obvious, but many people just forget to close their windows and doors.
  • Corners of the roof. An unsuspecting place but through wear and tear there can be enough space for the bat to wring itself through.
  • Attic windows and vents. Attic windows are often forgotten and vents such as the soffit or even the vents under the gable can provide the bats with adequate room to proceed.
  • There are gaps between the fasciae. This is a very common way for the bat to make its way inside.

To understand how the bat came inside, you will need to understand what it is capable of. Bats are capable of getting through holes as small as 7 mm. Once you are aware of this fact, you will start to see the house in a different light. The best way to prevent bats from entering the interior is by hiring a professional bat removal technician that has experience with removing bats and know where to look. Call our customer service representatives from Bat Control to book your next appointment!