How to Remove Bat Poop from Walls

How to Remove Bat Poop from Walls

Bats are magnificent creatures that have long conjured up fantastical images. These flying critters are most commonly seen around forests and in caves where they like to dwell as they prefer dry, quiet, and secluded spaces. Unfortunately, due to rapid deforestation, a concerning growing number of bats have been starting to take up space in the city. This is very unfortunate as some bat species are even endangered in Ontario.

A side-effect of this occurrence is seeing bat poop, or commonly known as bat guano on our cars, houses, and on our walls. Bats will frequently brood in our attics because of the similar environment our attics offer. Typically, bats will brood in groups and colonies up to twenty and more bats. This can be disturbing to anyone living in the same space. Due to their status, bats cannot be removed during certain periods of time and will always need a professional bat removal specialist to have them removed.

If you find yourself in a situation where you suspect a bat in your attic or anywhere inside your property, do not hesitate to contact the professionals from Bat Control for fast, affordable, and ethical removal.

If you need a bat removed, a consultation will always be needed because of government and provincial regulations. Professionals that have been in wildlife removal know how to safely and quickly remove bats. So, how do you remove the notoriously difficult-to-remove bat poop or bat guano? As it turns out, bat poop is anything like most commonly found poops such as pigeon poop which requires little to no effort to remove depending on how long it has been on the surface. Bat poop on the other hand requires some sort of game plan to remove them completely.

Enzyme-based cleaners work the best. Enzyme-based cleaners use enzymes in the formula to remove stubborn stains. It basically speeds up the process that break-down these compounds and will make it easy to remove If you have a pet, you might be glad to find out that there are enzyme-based cleaners on the market for pet poop too! For bats, however, it is a good idea to go with strong enzyme-based cleaners that are more concentrated.

Make sure to have enough ventilation and fresh air circulation to do this. To start cleaning, get an enzyme-based cleaner in a spray bottle. Spray the formulation directly on the bat guano, and let it sit for a few minutes before wiping it off. This will take care of the stains on the wall. If you are dealing with a bat in the attic, it is highly recommended to hire professional bat professionals like from Bat Control. We have been in the bat removal field for well over a decade and only use ethical and safe methods that comply with provincial and federal regulations.