How to bat-proof your house

How to bat-proof your house

Bats are very known to a lot of people for wildly different reasons, but what people do not think about is that bat infestations are a very common occurrence. Bats are mostly active in dense forests, caverns, and caves where they can enjoy the silence and seclusion away from human presence. Unfortunately, humans are partially the issue because lots of bats migrate to human settlements and urban areas. Especially the people who have been participating in deforestation.

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Bats are highly sensitive animals that will become disturbed with any small change. Deforestation and a fatal disease prevalent in a lot of bats have prompted large-scale dwindling population decline. Bats in response to these changes have sought refuge in residential houses. Bats can cause a lot of issues for people in residential houses. They often come inside of the attic through several entry points that a lot of people do not think of.

Some of these entry points are in plain sight but many people are not familiar with the agility of the bats. Spaces vulnerable points that bats utilize are gable vents, soffits, fascia board, and even enter the chimney where many reach the lower floors. Bats usually enter through the attic exclusively and this is also where they spend most of their time in brooding, a term used for bats who live in secluded spaces with or without bat colonies. In nature, rats brood in colonies in caves.

Small brown bat
                                                Small Brown Bats are the most common species that invade houses

To bat-proof your house, you need to know exactly how bats enter. This is best left to bat control specialists who are trained and experienced experts. Professionals use highly durable materials that are incredibly resistant to any attack possible. Technicians use metal or aluminum flashing, galvanized steel mesh, and other proven and tested alternatives unique to the bat situation. It must be noted that bats are a protected species in the province of Ontario and that qualified specialists are the best investment when it comes to bat-proofing your house.

Working at height might also be a risky undertaking for those who are not certified in working at height and special measures and safety precautions need to be taken for a safe proofing procedure. It must be absolutely understood that bats cannot be chased away by force or cannot be injured under any circumstance due to their protected status. The most common bat species that invade Ontarian houses are the little brown bats or known as the little brown myotis. These bats are extremely small and can easily fit through any opening as small as 3/8th of an inch or as small as a dime!

If you want to make absolutely sure that no bat can enter your house, hire the bat control specialists from Bat Control to bat-proof your house for you! We have trained experienced professionals who know the ins and outs of bats and can assure that their work is airtight! Hire them now! Call 647-931-6459.