Do bats roost in chimneys?

Yes, bats can and roost in chimneys just like any other flying animals like birds. Bats love cozy, dark, and secluded areas and will be more than happy to roost inside the chimney. They often roost inside the flue of your chimney because of its convenience to where it is located.  It is often a misunderstanding that you can smoke out bats and will then leave. The issue here is that many people do not know about the maternity season of these bats and that baby bats might be burned or suffocated because of this. In Ontario, many bat species are protected and need special attention because of their declining population.

If you notice noises such as screeching, call professional bat removal specialists from Bat Control.

Therefore, only professionals can handle bats in a way that complies with federal and local laws. So lighting a fire to smoke them out is not only incredibly inhumane but also cruel because of their many beneficial roles in nature. Bats are mostly carnivores that have a steady diet of insects. You can think of mosquitoes, beetles, moths, spiders, and a whole host of other animals. Some bats are even able to eat their entire body weight in insects and are therefore crucial to the local flora and fauna. They are known as natural exterminators because of the number of insects they are known to eat. This prevents areas to be overpopulated and overwhelmed by insects.

So how do professionals get bats out from chimneys? They first start out by conducting a detailed exterior inspection to determine the bat’s presence on the roof level. Not only do bats make their nest in chimneys but squirrels and raccoons are also known to make nests. Once the presence is determined, the technicians will move on to the removal phase. This can either happen by hand depending on how old these bats are or they can get them out with the help of a device called the Bat Cone. The Bat Cone makes sure that the bats can leave without being harmed and will prevent the bats from coming back. This is a highly effective and proven method that has been successful in all the properties that we have treated.

After all the bats are expulsed, the technician will then go on to proof and seal the building completely. It is highly recommended to have this done by professionals who have the knowledge and the tools to make sure that the building is completely sealed from any attempts to intrude. Bats are known to be habitual creatures so they will tend to get back.

If you notice noises such as screeching, call professional bat removal specialists from Bat Control.