Mouse Poop VS Bat Poop

Bat Poop vs Mouse Poop

Did you know that in Old English, the word for “bat” is fluttermouse? Many bats look a lot like flying mice. In Canada, they’re roughly the same size, with brown fur and little ears that stick out from their heads. Their droppings are also very similar – and – since both animals are nocturnal, their droppings might be the only sign that points to an infestation. Differentiating between the two lies in their location. For more information on the signs of bats and mice, give us a call. We offer humane bat removal and mouse control services.

First, it’s important to note that Canadian bats are strictly insectivores. This means that they won’t be raiding your kitchen. If you’ve found some droppings in your kitchen or anywhere inside the house, you’re probably dealing with mice. However, if there are droppings in your attic, take a look at how they are grouped together, and where. Bats are known to roost in attics. As they hang from the ceiling, their droppings fall onto the floor, in piles. You might also find droppings surrounding the exterior walls of your home. Bats entering the attic may leave droppings there or on the walls themselves.

If you’re still not sure, take a closer look at the droppings. Both mouse poop and bat poop are about the size of a grain of rice, but bat poop is shinier. This is due to their contents – bat poop contains undigested insect parts, like mosquito wings, which may appear shiny. You can also try putting on a pair of gloves and crushing a dropping between your fingers. Bat droppings will turn to dust, while mouse droppings will be very hard. Likewise, this is due to the animals’ diets. Mice are omnivores, while bats eat flying insects. Their droppings dry out in different ways, as a result.

How to Remove Bats from the Attic

Mice can be dealt with by using traps or by calling your local exterminator. But what about bats? By law, bats must be removed without harm. So, if you’re dealing with bats, you must call a licensed wildlife removal company. A technician will come inspect your property, confirm the presence of bats, then install a one-way door to the entrance they’re using. This will let the bats out safely. At night, when they want to go out and feed, they will crawl through the door. But, when they want to come back, they won’t be able to. The bats will find another place to live, instead.

Contact bat control for safe and affordable services. We provide thorough inspections that identify the species of bat, the severity of the problem, and every single vulnerability that puts you at risk of another invasion. Our technicians are thoroughly trained in bat removal and can help protect your roof, so this never happens again. Our bat removal and exclusion services come with a warranty of up to 2 years. Call us for bat removal in Ontario. We remove bats with care, so no one gets hurt.