When Do Baby Bats Leave The Nest

When Do Baby Bats Leave The Nest

Most bats give birth to baby bats in the late summer and will push way the baby bats to become independent. Most bats are inactive during much of the year. This comes with certain limitations as to when it is legally possible to remove bats. Bats are considered as protected wildlife species due to their concerning dwindling numbers and a devastating disease called the White-nose Syndrome. This disease is a fungal disease that is quite distinguished by its white spots on the nose of the bats.

If you have bats that you want to get rid of, contact the technicians from Bat Control for swift and ethical removal.

The White-nose syndrome is thought to have started in New York, United States and has already spread to five Canadian provinces including Ontario. The most affected bat species are the Little Brown Bats. These bats live naturally in caverns, caves, and forested areas, but due to the disturbance of their habitat the bats are forced to flee elsewhere, and they often end up in residential neighbourhoods around Ontario into the attics eventually where bats will roost in colonies.

Removing bats and their babies is a very sensitive undertaking. There is a limited window of opportunity before the removal of bats can become unlawful. The way that technicians go about this is by using very humane and proven methods that have been used for dozens of cases in the years that they have been handled. For this, technicians make sure to conduct an exterior inspection and seal most of the entry points. This expertise is of importance because these entry points can be easily overlooked and cannot be even reached by inexperienced DIYers. The technicians that work at Bat Control are experienced and licensed bat removal specialists that have been working in the bat removal field for years.

Bats are relatively calm mammals but once their roost is disturbed, they might attack reflex. Bats are carriers of rabies and disturbance can lead to unintentional consequences such as being bitten by them. The way to avoid all these dangers is to hire professionals from Bat Control who have been in the bat control field for years and know what to do to get the bats out of the property under whatever circumstance.

Removing bats will always be a high-risk undertaking because of the sensitivities surrounding the ethical and safe removal of bats. Bat Control uses an ingenious device called the Bat Cone. The Bat Cone as the name already says is a cone-shaped device that allows bats to exit the building through the entry point they use daily. When baby bats are involved, the technicians will go inside the roost and remove them by hand. They will then be brought to a rehabilitation centre. For more information, contact the customer service specialists from Bat Control.