What do Bat Bites Look Like

What do Bat Bites Look Like?

Bats have long fascinated the human imagination drawing parallels to creatures of fantasy and folklore. Vampires are such creatures and have spooked fears for ages. These blood-sucking wanderers have been linked to real-life animals such as a bat. Many people fear being bitten by bats and stay away from them. This is convenient seeing how many bats are under the threat of being in danger due to humans disturbing them. But what do you do and what does a bat bite look like if you might have been bitten by a bat. Bat bites contrary to popular belief are very rare. Bats have rather dwell in caves and hunt for insects and other fruits. So, humans rarely come into question.

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Bat teeth are so sharp that they can puncture exposed sin with ease. Bat bites do not look like vampire fang markings. No, instead they might look a bit disappointing and look like a pinprick. Bat teeth are tiny and so this will show up at such. You will see two tiny points on your skin. If you do have been bitten by bats, immediately go to a medical facility because exposure to rabies is a real possibility. Bats might immediately escape if you are bitten, but in some cases, bats might be in the same room as you. If this is the case then chances are that you might have been bitten. Bites are rarely noticeable and might be ignored if anything due to their tiny size.

If you find a wild bat in your room, open all windows to give them a chance to go away. If you have space, leave the room immediately and close the door behind you. Bats will find the time to go away. Bats, nowadays are increasingly seen in Canadian homes, especially in and around Southern Ontario. Due to deforestation and disease impacting the Small Brown Bat population, bats will find themselves on the upper floors of the property since it coincides with their flight path. Bats can come in multiple ways such as through cables and HVAC vents, worn down shingles, gaps between the eaves and the walls. Bats are incredibly flexible and can fit through any tight space, even the size of a quarter.

As mentioned before, bats will come into spaces especially to roost or to stay in colonies. Bats find attics a perfect alternative to natural habitats such as caves, caverns, and forested areas. Attics are damp, dark, and away from human presence. Bats are vulnerable in their state of torpor. Torpor can be described as periods of inactivity at intervals which is not the same thing as hibernation where animals are inactive during the entire period. Therefore, bats are protected and threatened species in Southern Ontario and can only be removed at specific times.

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