What Does Bat Poop Look Like

What Does Bat Poop Look Like?

One of the most obvious signs of a bat problem is poop. Like most animals, bats poop whenever they want, leaving trails and piles that point to a colony’s location. However, identifying between bat and mouse poop can be a bit tricky. The key lies in where you find the droppings. If you suspect that there are bats on your property and you need help, give us a call. We offer thorough inspections in which we find wildlife and openings on the roof that could let bats get inside. Call us for humane bat control services in the GTA.

Bat poop, also known as guano, looks a lot like mouse poop. It measures roughly the same length as a grain of rice and has tapered ends. Larger bats, like the big brown bat, have slightly larger droppings. Bat poop is shiny and either dark brown or black in colour. The shiny appearance comes from digested insect parts, which rarely appear in mouse droppings. Another way to tell the difference is to squish the poop. Bat poop crumbles into a fine powder when it is squished, while mouse poop becomes quite hard.

When investigating a potential bat problem, consider where bats like to roost. Since they hang from attic rafters, you are most likely to find bat poop in piles on the floor of the attic, or outside, stuck to the upper walls of your home. Mouse poop, on the other hand, is usually scattered throughout the home. Mice usually poop along baseboards and in kitchen cabinets, where they find food. You will not find bat poop inside the home like this. So, grab a flashlight and check your attic very carefully. Look up into the rafters and listen for squeaks.

How to Get Rid of Bats

If there are bats in your attic, don’t panic. Call a licensed wildlife removal company and ask for help. A technician will come investigate the problem and find where the bats are coming from. They can then attach a one-way door to the opening they are using to get inside the attic. This will let the bats leave on their own, free from human contact. Once out, they cannot get back inside. To help ensure that no bats will ever come back, the technician can also seal every vulnerability on your roof. He or she can close gaps and cover vents with wildlife-proof materials.

The professionals at Bat Control are experienced in handling all kinds of bat problems. We understand the difficulties associated with removing wildlife from the home and take every precaution so that the job is done right. We only use humane methods of bat removal and work hard for permanent results. You can count on us to get rid of the animals safely and that this won’t happen again. Call us today for a free quote. We offer guaranteed, comprehensive bat removal services throughout the GTA.