Is Bat Poop Toxic To Dogs?

Is bat poop toxic to dogs and the answer is a resounding yes. The reason why bat poop is toxic to dogs is that it spread a lethal condition known as histoplasmosis and rabies if the bat becomes actively infected and gets into a scuffle with the dog for whatever reason. You can remove bat poop yourself or hire a wildlife removal specialist.

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Bats do rarely interact with dogs unless there is an active reason to do so. The trusty four-footer could be curious and threatened and will go on the attack. But in regards to bat poop, the dog might have a sniff and even a lick at the most, but how dangerous can it truly be? Keep reading on to find the full details on how toxic bat poop truly is to dogs.

Symptoms of Histoplasmosis 

As earlier mentioned, a dog can become seriously ill from a disease called histoplasmosis. The effects on dogs are not a fun thing to experience and this is why we urge dogs and owners to make sure they do not ingest the dog poop for whatever reason. The effects can be severe to mild depending on the circumstances. You can expect vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, loss of hair, discomfort, and a big shift in behaviour overall.

Histoplasmosis is classified as a fungal infection that is actually more seen in cats than dogs but it is certainly not uncommon. Dogs under the age of 4 can be the most at risk due to their vulnerable state. Certain breeds easily get fungal infection. Such as the Pointer, Brittany, and the Weimaraner along a slew of other working or herding dogs.

Actual symptoms appear until 2-3 weeks after the fungus was either inhaled, ingested or other methods of transmission. This depends on the affected organs.

How Dogs Become Infected

The fungus called H. Capsulatum often migrates to the intestinal tract. The infection can also move to a more serious stage and can include coughing, rapid breathing, and jaundice. It means that the skin turns yellow because of the liver being affected, nasal discharge, and even swollen lymph nodes.

The most common way that infects dogs is with fungus is by eating bat feces. But other ways include eating bird feces and rotten wood. From there on, the spores migrate to the intestinal system and make the dog sick. If the bat poop reaches a limit, then bat poop smells.

The way the vet treats the dog is truly a series of anti-fungal treatments for at least several months until the vet becomes confident in the dog’s health.

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