Do Bats Hibernate in Ontario

Do Bats Hibernate in Ontario?

Yes, certainly bats like all other animals hibernate in the winter. They are less active in the winter and wait for warmer weather in the spring. Bats in many places that are close to urban areas will sometimes go to residential areas and will hibernate there and pass the entire winter there. Bats are not dangerous and are harmless. Bats do carry rabies, so it is advised when a bat presence is suspected, to call immediately. As a matter of fact, humans are a far greater threat to bats than the other way around. For this reason, bats, such as the Little Brown Bat are endangered.

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Bats have an interesting way of hibernating and to them this all through teamwork. Bats in nature scoot together and create heat from their bodies that emanate. Bats prefer dark and secluded areas that include but are not limited to caverns, caves, mines, barns, and hollow trees. Bats mostly hibernate between April and October. When they emerge from their hibernation, they usually feast on insects since bats are insectivores. They can feast on mosquitoes, spiders, moths, and other insects. They play a very important part in the ecosystem that can prevent the overpopulation of certain insect species. Their guano is also said and proven to be a very effective fertilizer. This makes bats an indispensable part of the overall ecosystem.

So, what happens if a bat does find your attic and decides to stay? Due to their protected status, they can’t be just chased out or led out. Technicians are bound by law to wait and to act when it is allowed… The best time to remove bats is somewhere between spring when they return to the roost and are out of hibernation and in the fall before they go back to their roost. This is a good time because technicians can also make sure that no young are in the attic. Bats give birth in late May and June. Baby bats are completely helpless and will always need the mother. Bat pups will leave the roost approximately 2-3 months after giving birth.

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