How Small an Opening Can a Bat Fit Through

How Small an Opening Can a Bat Get Through?

Bats are spectacular little creatures. They are the only mammals that can fly, and they use echolocation instead of regular sight. They’re also nature’s pest control experts – a single bat in Ontario eats hundreds of mosquitoes per night. Bats are important members of their ecosystem, so they are protected in most countries. However, if they roost inside your home, you must have them removed immediately (and humanely!). Bats are potential carriers of disease, and they will dirty your attic with feces. Call Bat Control for humane bat removal in southern Ontario: 647-931-6459.

Little brown bats can get through openings merely 6mm wide – just large enough to fit a dime. These bats have small frames, and they can tuck themselves in to fit through tiny spaces. Bats in Ontario like to roost in crevices and spaces that are hard for predators to reach, like owls, hawks, skunks, and snakes. In the wild, they roost in tree hollows and caves. Bats find new places to live when their colonies expand, or their roosts have been disturbed. Colonies often move in the spring, during mating season, and in the fall, when it’s time to hibernate.

Attics, like trees and caves, present bats with an opportunity to nest above ground. To get inside, they sneak through the little openings they find on the edge of the roof. Gaps between the soffits and the walls of the home are a common entry point. Roof vents, chimneys, and other small openings may also let them inside. Signs of an invasion include the spotting of little black droppings on the ground and inside the attic. Smudge marks surrounding the opening into the attic may also point to bats as they rub their bodies against it every night.

How to Get Rid of Bats

If there are bats in your attic, do not try to get rid of them yourself. Bats are a protected species in Ontario and must therefore be removed by a licensed professional. They may also carry rabies, so you should not get too close. Call a bat removal company and a technician will find the bats’ entry point. He or she will then install a one-way door to this entrance and block every other opening. This will force the bats out of their roost when they go out to feed. The technician will then return, remove the door, and replace it with an impenetrable material.

Call Bat Control

The technicians at Bat Control are highly experienced in the removal of bats. If you’re unsure of your situation, we can come inspect and confirm the presence of bats. We can then remove the animals safely and wildlife-proof your property to prevent something like this from ever happening again. We’re so sure of our bat-proofing that our services come with a 2-year warranty. Call Bat Control today for humane and guaranteed bat removal services throughout the GTA and beyond.