Can Bats Fly Into Your House

Can Bats Fly into Your House?

Bats are nimble, multi-faceted creatures that are unlike most other mammals. They fly, they use echolocation, and they prefer to sleep upside down. These are unique little creatures that keep pests under control and pollinate hundreds of plants around the world. They’re fascinating, but they must be kept at a distance. Bats have the potential to spread the rabies virus and dirty your home with feces. If you’re worried about the bats in your area, call Bat Control for complete bat-proofing and humane removal services.

Bats can absolutely fly into your house. While it is unusual, some bats may fly into a living space by accident, or when they have fallen in from the attic above. In the wild, bats roost in caves and tree hollows. When their colonies expand, or they have been disturbed by forest fires or construction, bats will find a new place to roost, and that may be the attic of your house. Attics are warm and safely out of a predator’s reach. To get inside, bats use echolocation to find openings in the sides of the roof. Gaps in the soffits, roof vents, and spaces along the roof’s edge are common entry points.

If you suspect that there are bats in your attic, look inside the attic and listen carefully. Using a flashlight, check every nook and cranny for bat activity. Bats in Ontario are small, and they like to squish themselves in between the rafters. Then, check the floor of the attic for bat guano. Bat guano appears in small, dark pellets, about the size of a grain of rice. If you’re still not sure, contact a bat removal expert for help. A professional can inspect the attic for you and remove the animals safely.

How to Get Rid of Bats

Do not attempt to remove bats yourself. Bats are protected animals, so doing them any accidental harm is illegal. To add, North American bat populations are currently suffering from white nose syndrome – they need all the help they can get. Call a local bat removal company and a technician will remove them safely. He or she can confirm if this is a safe time of year to remove the animals and they will do it right. You can then have every potential entry point sealed so this doesn’t happen again. Then, consider having a bat house installed to give the bats a new home.

Contact Bat Control for Guaranteed Bat-Proofing

If you are concerned about the bats in your area, contact a local bat removal company for exclusion. A professional can find all the little openings in your roof that could let bats in, then they can bat-proof them for you. At Bat Control, we use a variety of tools and products to keep wildlife out. We can cover your roof vents and chimneys and make small repairs to keep the little critters outside, where they belong. We’re so confident in our abilities to bat-proof that we provide a 2-year warranty with every one of our services. Call us today for Bat Control in your area.