Why is Bat Poop Expensive

Why is Bat Poop so Expensive?

Bat poop, or guano, is a valuable fertilizer. Thanks to the bats’ diet, guano contains a natural mixture of chemicals that are excellent for growing crops. While it has mostly become obsolete with modern alternatives, bat guano is still popular in some parts of the world. In Canada, bats are considered an endangered species and are therefore protected. Mining guano is restricted, and it is illegal to do the animals any harm. If you have any questions with regards to bat removal or exclusion, contact Bat Control. We provide humane bat removal services and wildlife-proofing in the Toronto area.   

The term guano originates from the Quechuan language of South America. In Quechuan, huanu refers to animal droppings that are used as agricultural fertilizer. Spanish documents from the 15th century tell of how guano was an extremely valuable resource to the New World. So much so that disturbing an Incan guano mine was punishable by death. The reason it works so well is because guano is high in nitrogen, which helps plants grow. Guano was highly sought after during the colonial era but has since been replaced by modern fertilizers. Some guano is stilled mined today, in niche markets and parts of the developing world.

What does guano look like?

In Canada, where bats are very small, guano looks like dark grains of rice. Because they are very similar, bat guano may be mistaken for mouse droppings. The major difference between the two is that bat guano may have visibly shiny parts within it, which are insect parts. Canadian bats are purely insectivores. Guano can be found on the floors of bat colonies, in caves, trees, and crevices within the forest. When bats roost inside attics, they will leave piles of guano on the attic floor. This is a telltale sign of a bat problem.

How do you get rid of bats?

Given their protected status, bats must be removed humanely with the help of a licensed professional. If there are bats in your attic, call a wildlife removal company near you and a professional will be there soon for an inspection. He or she will find how the bats got there and remove them with the help of a one-way door. Once out, the technician will return and cover the entry point. The technician can also wildlife-proof your roof to prevent this sort of thing from happening again. Some companies also provide cleaning services to remove all the guano from your attic.

Bats are fascinating animals. Who would have thought that a spooky flying animal would have such valuable poop? If there are bats in your area, consider setting up a bat house on your property and excluding your roof from a possible invasion. Bats are known to sneak into attics when their habitats are disturbed, and they need a new place to live. Call a professional as soon as you suspect that there is animal activity in your attic. The professionals at Bat Control would be happy to help. We provide humane and guaranteed solutions to all bat problems.