When is Bat Mating Season

Bat mating officially starts from April 15th to August 15th. During this time it becomes illegal to remove bats from their roosting places and their other habitations. Most bats will break in into attics and other spaces that can put a roof over their head. This is why they even roost underneath porches. The reason why bats are illegal to be removed during mating season is that bats are classified as protected species under the Fish and Wildlife Conversation Act in Ontario which stipulates that bats are not allowed to be killed even though they intrude on our houses.

If you see bats in your home, call the professionals from Bat Control and have bats removed permanently!

The reason why they are endangered is because of a fungal disease called White-Nose Syndrome (WNS) which was first discovered in 2019 in NY. This later spread on to further east and north in Canada. The first case in Canada was discovered in Alberta. The White-Nose Syndrome is extremely devastating and can easily wipe out a bat colony out with relative ease. White-Nose Syndrome affects hibernating bats and becomes so drained from their energy that they do not survive the rest of the winter. The White-Nose Syndrome looks as if they dipped their nose in the snow or powdered sugar.

This is why bat mating season cannot be disturbed especially for the Small Myotis or better known as the Little Brown Bat. These bats have the habit of coming in through whatever hole they can find to get inside. The issue here is that these bats can easily invade the property and can fit through the smallest holes.

Bats are extremely creative when it comes to finding a little brown bat habitat and this is not only in urban and residential areas, but also in the great outdoors where bats find caverns, trees, caves, and more hibernacula, their roosting spots, to find a secure place. These secure places though have been under threat from humans who use the wood of these forests that they well in for their own use.

Maternity season will start in June, but don’t expect bats flying away in a new open world just yet. It will take baby bats a few weeks to gain strength before they will be on their own. Until then, the baby bats stay in the mother’s protection.  The bat mother will give birth to the bat babies, also known as pups in 40 days to 6 months. During this time the bat pup will be reliant on the mother for its survival. You might be tempted to trap bats, but this is illegal due to their protected status.

Bats are quite beneficial to people as well even though that might not be apparent immediately. Bats happened to be nature’s top exterminator that longs for insects as they have a natural liking for insects. They love insects so much that they can devour between 600-1000 mosquitoes every day. As you can see bats are very useful to their environment.

Despite the good they can do, bats spell bad news. They will leave feces, break into property, and will make a mess once they do not need the space anymore. If you need bats removed, call 647-931-6459