Bat in House Are There More

One Bat in the House: Are There More?

Have you spotted a bat in the house? First things first: don’t panic. The bat is unlikely to hurt you. If the bat is in your living space, it probably got lost. Bats are social creatures that usually roost in groups. Leave a door open and wait for the bat to leave on its own. If it doesn’t, call your local wildlife rescue for help. Then, call Bat Control to inspect your property. There may be a colony of bats living in your attic. A technician can find the animals and remove them without harm.

Bats live in large colonies. The average colony is roughly more than 9,000 bats, though some have been known to reach over 180,000 individuals. Bats are instinctively social and grouping together like this keeps them warm during the winter. In the summer, females create their own groups of a few hundred and roost away from males. It is during this time that one might find a male or non-reproductive female roosting by itself. White-nosed syndrome, a fungal disease that is ravaging the province, has also decimated bat populations, resulting in some small colonies and individuals roosting by themselves.

Given their social nature, one can assume that where there is one bat, there are others. If a bat flew into your house, it may have gotten lost on its way to its colony, or it was a single bat looking for a place to rest. Either way, you should have your home inspected for a bat colony and take all necessary precautions. Bats often roost in attics when their natural habitats have been disturbed. Depending on the season, you may be dealing with a maternal colony, or a group looking for a place to hibernate.

Call Bat Control for an Inspection

Do not panic if a bat has flown into your house. Bats in Ontario are insectivores that prefer to keep their distance from humans. If you can reach it, put on a thick pair of gloves and grab a bucket. Carefully cover the bat, then slide a piece of cardboard on the bottom of the container. Bring the bat outside and release it against a tree so it can climb up and fly away. If it’s too much, contact your nearest wildlife rescue. Then, get the help of a wildlife removal company to inspect your attic and bat-proof the home.

Bats can be removed humanely with the help of a professional. Call Bat Control if you suspect that there are bats living near your home. A technician can determine if there is a colony living in your attic and remove it if need be. He or she can also bat-proof the property by sealing all potential entry points. Our exclusion comes with a 2-year warranty. If you want to help the bats in your area, consider adding a bat house to your property. Bat houses are fantastic for migrating colonies and bats looking for a safe place to rest.