How to Remove Bats from Chimney

How to Remove Bats from Chimney

As cities expand, bats have fewer places to live. This results in an increase in home invasions. Chimneys, like tree hollows and caves, are perfect for bats. They’re dark, hollow, and above ground, presenting bats with an opportunity to roost undisturbed. If you don’t use your chimney, it may be tempting to leave the animals alone. However, bats produce a lot of guano, which will fall down the chimney and make your home smell bad. It’s important that you have the bats removed as soon as possible. Call Bat Control today if you suspect that some bats are roosting in your chimney.

Bats in the chimney will make high-pitched noises at sunset. You may also hear the flapping of wings. What helps to differentiate bats from birds is the time of day. Bats wake up as the sun goes down, whereas birds go to sleep once it gets dark. Another sign of a bat problem is finding droppings in the fireplace and around the property. These look a lot like mouse poop, only shinier, and in concentrated areas. This poop produces a bad smell, like dirty kitty litter. Finally, you may notice some bat activity when you are outside at night. See if you notice any bats flying out of the chimney.

Hire a Bat Removal Professional

Bats must be removed by a licensed professional because it is the safest solution. A technician can access the roof safely, identify the bats, and remove them humanely with a one-way door. The one-way door will allow the bats to exit the chimney freely. Once out, they won’t be able to get back inside. The technician will then return to your property to remove the door and replace it with a bat-proof material that will keep bats out for good. In addition to installing the one-way door, a professional can seal up every gap and crevice on your roof to ensure that they never get in the attic.

Do not attempt to light a fire and smoke the bats out of your chimney because it is totally inhumane. Doing so may burn bats alive, resulting in there being carcasses in the chimney. Likewise, you should not use traps or try to grab the bats yourself. Bats are endangered, protected animals in Canada. Harming them in any way at all is illegal. Contact a professional in your area and remove them humanely. If you want to help them, set up a bat house in the backyard. Bat houses are wonderful roosting alternatives that keep bats safe.

Call Bat Control for the humane removal of bats. We have the tools and the know-how to move these animals safely. Our technicians are trained, licensed, and insured for your peace of mind. No matter how advanced the problem may be, we are ready to help you out. Bats are important members of the ecosystem, so they must be removed carefully. Call us today for an inspection and solution that works for you. Our services are guaranteed and come with a 2-year warranty.