How to keep bats away from the porch

Bats are fascinating animals that are out for food continuously and love to roost in places where they have access to food easily. It may surprise people, but bats love to eat different kinds of bugs such as mosquitoes, moths, beetles,  wasps, flies, and others. The reason why bats are so drawn to porches, in particular, is that the porch may provide the bat with an overhang to roost.

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These bugs are in turn attracted to light which makes it easier for bats to eat. There would be no reason for the bat to leave when a spot is that convenient. Bats are natural cave dwellers that prefer dark and quiet spots where they will often roost in colonies. The most common bat species that you will most likely see on your porch is the Little Brown Bat. This species of bat happens to be endangered and has migrated to urban places due to the disturbance of their natural habitat. So, how do you keep away bats from the porch?  Read below for more details!


Moth Balls

Mothballs are an effective way to keep bats away from the porch. The best way to proceed with bats is to get a cheesecloth and wrap it in such a way that it forms a sack of mothballs. After that, you can either secure them with a string to the top of the porch to keep the bats away. It’s a cheap and effective deterrent with varying results though!

Keeping the lights on

It might be a little bit of common sense but keeping the lights on can do wonders in terms of keeping the bats away. Keeping the lights on your porch will make the bats think that people are present nearby. This might startle the bats. This can be a costly expense depending on how much energy your lights use and emit. It might also bother the neighbours as well so make sure to check it’s alright.

Bat Repellants

There is a market for bat repellents on the market and these either might be based on chemical compounds or natural compounds as well. Bat repellants might be as simple as containing very strong smells that bats do not like or the smell of a predator.

Hose them down

This might be a bit strange but hosing them down with water might do the trick, granted that it is just plain tap water and that this water is not applied at high pressure. These bats might be agitated enough to fly away and not come back, but then again that is not guaranteed.

The best way to get rid of bats on and off your property is to hire bat control specialists that always have the right tools and equipment to humanly remove bats from the property. To hire us, contact the customer service representatives from Bat Control.