How to Identify a Bat Bite

Bats have made Ontario their home for centuries and they are not going anywhere. You might be able to see them fly if you ever find yourself in the rural parts of Ontario. Bats are fascinating creatures that live in secluded and dark places. They include caverns, caves, forests, rock crevices, and mine shafts. Bats have influenced popular culture and culture in general that vampires and bats are synonymous with each other.

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Bat markings are quite difficult to identify unless you know what to look for. These markings are so small that they are often overlooked when actually looking for them and this has to do with their size because they can be as small as a toothpick! If you do have been bitten they will show up on the skin as two tiny pricks.

Most people that have been bitten are not even aware of the fact that they have been bitten. If you had a bat in your room, make sure to make your way to the nearest medical facility as possible. Bats rarely, if never attack humans on their own, but even so, make sure to stay a safe distance away from them when you happen to observe them.

If you find a wild bat in your room, make sure that it has space to fly away. Make sure to leave the room and to close the door behind you so as to leave only one entry open for the bat to escape. Bats are nowadays seen a lot inside Canadian homes especially when you live in the rural part of Ontario.

Due to deforestation and disease impacting the Small Brown Bat population, bats will find themselves on the upper floors of the property since it coincides with their flight path. Bats can come in multiple ways such as through cables and HVAC vents, worn-down shingles, and gaps between the eaves and the walls. Bats are incredibly flexible and can fit through any tight space, even the size of a quarter.

So if you see a bat, chances are that you might be in a period where the bat cannot be legally removed due to their status. Bats cannot be removed in especially two situations when they are in their maternity period and during inclement weather. If you have any questions regarding the legalities surrounding bats, the best way is to either call bat control specialists or to contact wildlife management Ontario for the latest info and to learn about what to do in these kinds of situations.

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