Do Bats Have Nests for Babies

Do Bats Have Nests for Babies?

No, you might be surprised to find out that baby bats, or pups how they are actually called, have no nest. This is because the babies are born in a colony with twenty or so more bats. Instead of a nest, they will cluster around other bats and will thereby retain the body heat. The baby bat will rely on the mother’s heat till it is independent around a few months old. Even though bats are for the most part harmless the amount of damage they will incur on the property is immense. They leave a lot of feces and urine behind on the floors which are very difficult to get rid of without professional intervention.

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The attic spaces will turn into a cesspool where diseases and bacteria will roam around freely. This will also cause mould growth and spores to spread which can also expand the mould growth to other areas of the house. When bats are seen in residential spaces, the amount of contamination that needs to be tackled is significant. What also happens in that if bats happen to occupy attics with in-blown insulation that the whole insulation needs to be replaced in order to get rid of the contaminated material, but also to have the insulation working at an optimal level.

Bats are increasingly occupying our residential properties because of deforestation and also because of a devastating disease that is ravaging the native bat population of Ontario. This fungal infection is called white-nose disease and is easily recognized by the white spots on the bats’ noses. The vulnerabilities around most residential properties make it easy for the bats to enter. Usually, these vulnerabilities are found all around the house. They can get into ridges, vents like gable vents, and even an open window. The space that bats need to squeeze through is very small, and many people underestimate it a lot!

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