Can Bats Flatten Themselves

Can Bats Flatten Themselves?

Bats are nimble little creatures with remarkable talents. They are the only mammals that can fly, and they have the ability to use echolocation – the process of using sound waves to determine the distance of an object and its size. There are over 1,300 species of bats out there, and 17 live in Canada. Canada’s bats are very small, with wingspans ranging from 21 to 40cm. Though they cannot flatten themselves, they can tuck themselves in to fit through small gaps. For information on humane bat removal and exclusion in the Toronto area, call Bat Control.  

Bats in Canada are insectivores, coming out of their roosts at night to feed on flying insects. A single bat can eat thousands of bugs in one night, which helps to keep insect populations under control. Bats roost in caves, tree hollows, and abandoned mines. They may also be found roosting in old barns that aren’t used anymore, or attics they can sneak themselves into. Bats are social creatures that find new homes when their colonies have expanded or when their habitats have been disturbed. Finding bats in the attic is especially common during mating season, and in the fall, when colonies need a place to hibernate.

How do bats get inside the attic?

Bats in Canada are relatively small. The little brown bat, which is the most common species, weighs only about 9 grams. That’s less than a house mouse, which weighs somewhere around 19. It is thanks to their small stature that bats can get inside the attic unnoticed, like mice. They find openings on the sides of the roof and crawl their way inside. Gaps between the soffits and openings on the edges of the roof are common entry points. Once inside, they roost in the attic, tucked between the rafters. They sleep here during the day, then venture out at night to feed.

How do you get rid of bats?

Call a bat removal company if there are bats in your attic. A professional will ensure that the animals are not harmed in the removal process. Bats are protected animals in Canada, so they must be removed with care. The technician you hire will confirm where the bats are roosting and find their entry point. Then, he or she will install a one-way door to the entrance they are using. The bats will crawl out the door at night, then be unable to get back inside. Instead of roosting in your attic, they will find another place to live.

Call Bat Control for Exclusion

If there are bats in your area, you should consider having your home bat-proofed. This will avoid the risk of an invasion and keep bats outside where they belong. Call us and a technician will perform a detailed inspection of your property. We will find every vulnerability on your roof and close it off to keep bats and wildlife out. We provide extensive warranties with all of our services. Call Bat Control for bat removal services across the GTA and beyond.