Can Bats Bite Through Clothing?

It really depends on the clothing you are wearing. Most bat teeth are not able to pierce through clothing or any other materials because that is not what they are designed to do. Bat teeth are extremely sharp but cannot cut through thick fibres. Therefore bats always target bare skin. It must be said that bat bites and attacks are extremely rare, and that is a myth that is pushed by inaccurate depictions in popular media. So what do bat teeth markings look like? Keep reading and find out!

If you have been bitten by a bat, go to a medical facility. If you have bats in your house, contact Bat Control. 

Bat teeth are sharp so they can puncture the skin with ease. Unfortunately for those who are into vampires, bat teeth do not look like fang markings at least the ones we know from vampires. These bat markings look more like a tooth prick. If you have been bitten by a bat, please go to a medical professional immediately. These bat teeth markings are tiny and these are sometimes not even felt.

If you come across a wild bat in your room, the first step is not to panic and find the nearest window to let the bat free. Bats do not want to be in occupied spaces and chances are that the bat came into the room by accident. Bats are seen in homes more often and that especially goes for Ontario where bats have been seen in urban and populated areas as well.

The Small Brown Bat population is especially infected with a disease called the White-Nose Syndrome and this disease is a fungal disease that will kill at least 90% of a roosting colony, if not all bats. Not much is known about this disease. This is why these bats are classified as endangered species and handling them is very important. Do not force these bats out, but find the quickest and easiest way to get these bats out.

As mentioned before, bats will come into spaces especially to roost or to stay in colonies. Bats find attics a perfect alternative to natural habitats such as caves, caverns, and forested areas. Attics are damp, dark, and away from human presence. Bats are vulnerable in their state of torpor. Torpor can be described as periods of inactivity at intervals which is not the same thing as hibernation where animals are inactive during the entire period. Therefore, bats are protected and threatened species in Southern Ontario and can only be removed at specific times.

Bat Control removed bats in ethical and safe ways using proven methods. Our bat removal specialists have licensed wildlife experts that are trained, certified, and insured to promise a uniform quality throughout all the bat control services we offer. To find out more, contact our customer service specialists from Bat Control!