Bat Hibernating in House

Bat Hibernating in House

Bats invade houses and hibernate in them. You might not expect it, but that is the reality that a lot of homeowners in Ontario face every year. Bats are very agile animals that can take advantage of every narrow hole around the perimeter of the home. Since they are mostly air-born, they will always go to the attic. The attic has a very similar atmosphere to that of their natural roosting places such as caves, mines, tree hollows, and any abandoned structure they can find. The attic is dark, secluded, and warm. This is very enticing but very problematic for the actual property owners.

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The most common bat species to invade attics is the Little Brown Myotis or Little Brown Bat. These bat species are the best-studies bats according to research. These bat species roost with hundreds of bats together tightly packed together. Their torpor usually starts in September. Technicians hired to removed bats are bound to stringent rules and regulations as not to disturb them. Speak to your technician to discuss the legalities. Technicians and customers have a limited window of opportunity to remove them, so as soon as you hear them, it is good to call a technician from Bat Control.

Despite the bad reputation that bats have built up, bats are a very valuable part of the ecosystem. They eat mainly insects which keeps the population down for certain insect species and prevents overpopulation. Bat poop or guano was used as a fertilizer before modern manure. Some bat species even aid in planting new seeds. As you can read, the bat is very beneficial to the local ecosystems that it inhabits.

Professionals are the only qualified people that can get a bat out of the house through tested and proven techniques that have been working time and time again. They scour the perimeter of the roof in search of openings that the bats have used or still can use to get inside the house. They note this and seal it. Most bats use one entry point, this entry point will be used to get the bat out with the help of a clever device called the Bat Cone. The bat cone is a cone-like device, that allows the bat to exit the property, but not re-enter. They are angled downwards to make sure; they can’t find a way to get in. Once out, the entry point gets sealed.

Bat Control consists of professional bat removal specialists that are trained and insured experts that know how to remove all kinds of bats using proven methods and techniques ethically and safely. For more information, contact, the customer service specialists from Bat Control.