bat guano vs mouse droppings

Bat droppings are usually piled up, unlike rat or mouse feces which has a similar appearance to bat poop which makes identifying even harder than it already was. But the thumb rule for mouse poop is quite easy. “if it is the size of rice, it is mice” Size alone can easily make telling the difference easier between rat and mouse poop. Bat poop will usually accumulate around entry and exit points and can be usually spotted under eaves, porches, and on windowsills.

If you have bat guano, chances are that you have a bat presence in your home and need to be removed. Contact Bat Control.

So how do you get rid of bat poop exactly now that you know what to look out for?  Bat poop is notoriously hard to clean, and this is wat is needed to achieve that. Before going on, it will be easier and safer to hire professionals to do the cleaning since bat removal technicians know where bat poop Is found. Professionals have the equipment, the tools, and the safety measures in place to make this as seamless as possible. But in you are feeling adventurous and want to do it yourself, follow the instructions below:

Enzyme-based cleaners work the best. Enzyme-based cleaners use enzymes in the formula to remove stubborn stains. It basically speeds up the process that break-down these compounds and will make it easy to remove If you have a pet, you might be glad o find out that there are enzyme-based cleaners on the market for pets too! For bats, however, it is a good idea to go with strong enzyme-based cleaners that are more concentrated.

Before undertaking the task yourself, make sure you have enough fresh air circulating around the space and the right equipment to take care of the guano. As earlier mentioned before, bat guano is very difficult to get rid of. In case you find yourself in a bind, you can hire professionals from Bat Control to do the work for you. We have over a decade of experience in taking care of bats and making sure that your space is ready to go and looks brand as new. All you need to do is call our customer service specialists and we’ll send somebody your way as soon as possible!