Are Bats Dangerous to Humans

Are Bats Dangerous to Humans?

Bats are not particularly dangerous to humans. Most bat species feed on insects or fruit, steering clear of human activity. Only the vampire bats of Central and South America drink blood, but they rarely bite humans. The real dangers that are associated with bats are disease. Bats roosting in attics create piles of guano that are full of bacteria, which may spread throughout the house. While rare, bats may also contract the rabies virus. If there are bats in your area, it’s important that you keep your distance. Call Bat Control today for an inspection and guaranteed bat-proofing service.

In 2020, there were 40 confirmed cases of Rabies in Ontario bats. Given that there are thousands of bats out there, it is not very common, but there is always the risk. Rabies is a deadly virus that is spread through the saliva of infected animals. Symptoms include drooling, fever, strange behaviour, and seizures. Once an infected person or animal shows symptoms, the illness is virtually 100% fatal. Get the rabies vaccine if your home is infested with bats and keep your distance. Bats don’t like to attack humans, but they may bite if you get too close and scare them.

How do Professionals Get Rid of Bats?

Call a wildlife removal professional as soon as you suspect that bats are roosting in your home. A technician will perform an inspection and figure out where the animals came from. Then, the technician will install a one-way door to the animals’ entrance. This lets the bats crawl out of the attic but keeps them from coming back. The technician can also make repairs on the roof to prevent another invasion. Typical entry points include gaps in the soffits and cracks in the edges of the roof. The technician you hire can seal these with bat-proof materials.

Note that if the bats on your property were found during the winter, you may have to wait until spring for the animals to leave. Bats are an endangered, protected species in Ontario. This means that you cannot do them any harm. The one-way door is the only solution. Since bats hibernate between October and April, they probably won’t use the door until spring. So, get your roof ready for removal and get the rabies vaccine. In the spring, once the bats are gone, you can have your attic professionally cleaned to remove all traces of guano.

Bats rarely cause any harm to humans. These are unique little animals that play important roles in their ecosystems. Every night, they consume hundreds of mosquitoes each, keeping the West Nile Virus at bay. Bat guano is also an incredibly rich fertilizer, which helps keep our forests healthy. There is no need to be afraid of the bats in your area. Bats are endangered animals that need your help. Set up a bat house in your backyard and protect your roof so they don’t get too close. Contact Bat Control for humane bat removal and exclusion services.